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One of the greatest environmental concerns we face these days is soil erosion. This is a widespread problem due to the rise of urbanization and a multitude of construction projects that are ongoing. When buildings are constructed, the land is ripped up and dug out, exposing the soil to possible erosion. Sediments dug up during construction can find their way to the municipal water system through storm sewers, storm grates and storm inlets. This includes large projects and small projects, from infrastructure and industry, to the new home being built on your street.

Because of the potential danger to our environment, the government requires contractors to use professional-grade erosion, sediment and stormwater management products and measures when starting any new project.


Maritime Hydroseed provides a wide variety of products that are engineered to to provide the best possible solution in the management of sediment and stormwater.

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Dandy Products


Maritime Hydroseed is the exclusive Atlantic Canada distributor of the Dandy Products line of sediment and stormwater control products.These include Dandy Bag, Dandy Curb Bag, Dandy Curb, Dandy Curb Sac, Dandy Pop, Dandy Skimmer and Dandy Dewatering Bag.

Dandy Bag for use with Flat Grates.

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Dandy Curb Bag is especially for Curb inlets with Grates

DOWNLOAD Dandy Curb Bag► Specs & Installation Guide

Dandy Curb for use with Curb inlets without Grates

DOWNLOAD Dandy Curb► Specs & Installation Guide

Dandy Curb Sack has an open top and fits to any size curb and gutter inlet. Its unique design allows it to filter sediment-laden water with ease.

DOWNLOAD Dandy Curb Sac► Specs & Installation Guide

Dandy Sack is an incredibly strong open-top bag specially designed to hang underneath a storm grate to expertly filter the thickest sediment-laden storm water.

DOWNLOAD Dandy Sac► Specs & Installation Guide

Dandy Pop is designed for use with flat field grates to filter sediment-laden water and pops up in seconds.

DOWNLOAD Dandy Pop► Specs & Installation Guide

Dandy Skimmer is used to combat oil contamination.

DOWNLOAD Dandy Skimmer► Specs & Installation Guide

The Dandy Dewatering Bag is designed to control sediment discharge in dewatering applications where water is being pumped.

DOWNLOAD Dandy Dewatering Bag► Specs & Installation Guide

Inlet Filter

Inlet Filter - serves as an excellent storm water silt filter at sewer inlets during the construction phase. Cut the mat to allow 3” overlap at each side of the grate. Attach the mat to the topside of the inlet grate using cable ties. Clean silt from around Inlet Mat following each rain event. Sweep the top of mat to clear built-up silt and solids.

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Floc Log ®

Floc Log ® - APS 700 Series Floc Log is a group of soil specific tailored log-block that contains blends of water treatment components and polyacrylamide co-polymer for water clarification and erosion control.

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Terra-Tubes® are the industry’s most cost-effective storm water treatment device—designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy.

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North American Green SedimentSTOP® -Biodegradable Filtration System is a temporary sediment filtration device that provides highly effective sediment control for a wide range of applications.

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Triangular Silt Dike

Triangular Silt Dike barrier comes in seven foot section and installs in minutes with U-shaped wire staples. The flexibility of the barrier allows it to be installed on rough and rocky terrain while the protective aprons on both sides of the barrier helps prevent erosion and failure of the structure.

DOWNLOAD Triangular Silt Dyke► Specs & Installation Drawings

Floating Silt Curtain

A Floating Silt Curtain or Floating Turbidity Barrier is a flexible sediment control barrier designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in lakes and other water bodies when work is being performed in the water, or near the shoreline.

DOWNLOAD Floating Silt Curtain► Specs & Installation Drawings

Trap Bag ®

TrapBag ® Flood Barriers are designed to be rapidly deployable flood barriers that can be installed on any surface with minimal labor and equipment. Their extended footprint improves stability and creates a sloped face that allows the weight of the water to further improve the safety factor. Even without the extra water weight, TrapBag barriers are three times heavier than the water they are meant to hold back.

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TDS is a natural product from trees made up primarily of Lignin, a natural polymer. It is applied to roadways and commercial yards to control dust as well as stabilize and improve the quality of the read surface.

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Airtrol™ Geobinder

AIRTROL™ GEOBINDER is a gypsum plaster and liquid hydration inhibitor system that, when mixed with wood fiber mulch or a natural cellulose and water, forms a cementitious binder that produces a crust-like barrier to control dust and wind erosion.

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BioCover™ - Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) is a hydraulically applied product that provides a uniform layer between landfill waste and the surrounding environment. Less expensive than other covers and easier to apply, BioCover is a superior alternative to soil, mulch or plastic daily covers.

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FlocLoc™ (PAM) Dry

FlocLoc™(PAM) Dry - A flocculating soil stabilizer, FlocLoc Dry coagulates suspended soil particles, dropping them from runoff. It reduces soil erosion and improves water infiltration into the seedbed. It also increases water holding capacity of the hydroseeding slurry and improves machine performance. FlocLoc can be used for temporary erosion control and dust control..
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