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We can grow grass on a rock...But it won't last! Read this Quick Info Flyer to see why proper soild preparation is so important for the growth of healthy turf.

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Aqua-pHix™ - This proprietary formulation of self-buffering, chelated organic and inorganic acid is designed to help manage alkaline soils pH values > 7.3. It is safe for people, animals and equipment, more effective and easier to use than any other acidifier on the market, and the most cost efficient. treatment available.

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BioPrime™ biostimulant is designed to address issues affecting long-term plant vitality. With a guaranteed analysis of 18-0-0, its four active ingredients include slow-release nitrogen, seaweed extract, humic acid and Endo Mycorrhizae. The nitrogen’s proprietary release technology is ideally suited to revegetation of bare soils. Depending on the amount of rainfall and biological soil activity on a site, the nitrogen is released for 9 to 17 months.

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NutraLime™ Dry

NutraLime™ Dry - Nothing balances soil pH faster. One 40 lb. bag contains 50% more CaCO3 than the highest concentrated 2.5 gal. jug of NeutraLime Liquid. It promotes germination, enhances plant establishment and improves nutrient uptake longer.

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Sodium-pHix™ - is a natural gypsum mineral (calcium sulfate dihydrate) that lowers sodium levels in soil to enhance vegetation. After it is absorbed into the soil matrix through rain or irrigation water, Sodium-pHix increases the electrolyte concentration and provides calcium to create an ion exchange reaction with sodium. This process improves the soil’s physical and chemical properties, controlling soil salinity and increasing calcium content.

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Soil Additives

JumpStart™ 5

JumpStart™ 5 turf establishment with a complete package of growth stimulants and added polymers. Its five active ingredients work synergistically to promote faster, more complete germination and long-term plant health. JumpStart 5 contains super-absorbent co-polymer gel, Polyacrylamide (PAM), seaweed extract, humic acid and endomycorrhizae.

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Finn Additive System™ - HydroMax is a proprietary blend of compounds that enhance the early stages of plant development from germination to viable maturity.nourishment. 

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FlocLoc™ (PAM) Dry

FlocLoc™(PAM) Dry - A flocculating soil stabilizer, FlocLoc Dry coagulates suspended soil particles, dropping them from runoff. It reduces soil erosion and improves water infiltration into the seedbed. It also increases water holding capacity of the hydroseeding slurry and improves machine performance. FlocLoc can be used for temporary erosion control and dust control.
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Con-Tack® Organic Tackifier

Con-Tack® Organic Tackifier is 100% guar-gum based for an efficient and effective method of controlling erosion It creates a fiber-to-seed-to-soil bond (without hardening) that reduces the need for reseeding and minimizes soil erosion. ConTack also helps increase flow and pumping properties of mulch, allowing machinery to run more efficiently.
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MTP Multi Purpose Tack

MPT™ Tack (Multi Purpose Tackifier) increases the adhesiveness of your mulch by increasing the viscosity of the slurry and forming a chemical bond. A quality tackifier for binding fiber and straw mulch, MPT meets or exceeds requirements for non-asphiltic tacking emulsion. Contains polyacrylamide and hydro-colloid polymers.

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