Maritime Hydroseed is a green industry leader in preventative solutions for erosion, sediment, stormwater and dust control. Our revegetation, land reclamation, soil and slope stabilization techniques have been designed to meet and exceed government specifications and industry standards.

We have been a trusted hydroseed applicator throughout Atlantic Canada for more than 35 years. Our customers span industries, homeowners, landscape contractors, construction companies, highway and road builders, land developers, government agencies, golf courses, mine sites, and landfills.

Maritime Hydroseed is factory certified in the use of the most technologically advanced products on the market today. We have the expertise and capabilities to handle a number of different applications, job site conditions, and everyday challenges that our customers face in their respective industries.


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  See how best to deal with enbankements, shorelines, channel linings, strom channels and wetlands utilizing the new 4th generation erosion prevention and hydroseeding products.

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Check out the library of resources that include Product Brochures, Product Data Sheets, MSDS's and engineering drawings.   A series of Case Studies that showcase the new technologies and
how we are solving environmental issues.