Shoreline Restoration Project

A case study of an award winning shoreline restoration project at Eel River, New Brunswick

HydroStraw BFM

A case study that demonstrates how Hydrostraw Bonded Fibre Matrix is combined with a specific seed mix to provide site mamangement at Jamer Materials Ltd in St. Andrews, N.B.

Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM)

View a slide show that demonstrates the effectiveness of a Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM) used to grow turf during wet weather on steep slopes at Rockwood Park, Saint John, N.B.

Green Armor System

A slide show demonstrating the application of the Green Armor System, an effective alternative to hard armor installed at CertainTeed in McAdam, N.B.

Biotic Earth - Black

Used in areas where soil lacks organics and is generall of poor health, Biotic Earth - Black improves moisture holding, provides optimum seed germination, feeds the vegetation long term and kick starts the natural vegetation community.

Hydra CX2- FRM

Hydra CX2-FRM applied to a steep slope on the South West Miramichi River in Red Bank, N.B.. This 3,000 sq. meter application of an FRM is compliant with the Dept. of Environment recommendation of providing erosion prevention within 30 meters of a waterway.

Terra Tubes - Fiber Filtration Devices

A short video demonstrating the effectiveness of Terra Tubes.