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Lawn Seed Mixtures

Maritime Hydroseed Premium Lawn Seed Mixtures- Lawn seed mixes containing the highest quality (purity and germination) turf seeds available.
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Learn About Seed Purity- Understand what PLS - "Pure Live Seed" is and how it relates to a successful hydroseeding project
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Roadside Seed Mixtures

Roadside & Naturalization Seed Mixtures- Seed mixes containing the highest quality (purity and germination) seeds available. Selections include NB, NS and PEI  DOT mixes as well as specific mixes designed to grow in wetlands and on shorelines
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Native/Wildflower Mixtures

Native & Wildflower Seed Mixtures - Seed mixes containing the highest quality seeds available provide a colorful display along with soill stabilization. Selections include Meadow, Wetland, Pond, Wildflower Butterfly, Perennial and Trail Seed Mixtures.
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Fertilizers are substances which supply plant nutrients or amend soil fertility and are applied to promote plant growth. The main nutrients present in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium or N-P-K (the “macronutrients”) and other nutrients (“micronutrients’) are added in smaller amounts. Fertilizers are part of the hydroseed slurry at application time.


Dry Blended Fertilizer - A high quality dry blended fertilizer has been included in your hydroseed application. Subsequently, fertilizer should be applied directly to the soil using a broadcast spreader to ensure uniform coverage. Over-fertilization of a vital nutrient can be as detrimental as under-fertilization. "Fertilizer burn" can occur when too much fertilizer is applied, resulting in a drying out of the roots and damage or even death of the plant. The suggested blends are 20-10-10 for Spring applications and Fertilizing follow ups throughout the season, 15-25-15 for Summer applications and 10-20-20 for Fall and late-season applications. Some fertilizers offer slow-release options for continuing nourishment. 

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Fibramulch - Hydraulic Seeding Mulch containing treated wood/paper fibers with colorant.


GeoSkin® XT

GeoSkin® XT hydromulch is fortified with extra tackifiers for stronger bonding for erosion prevention and vegetation establishment, especially designed for moderate slope up to 2.5:1 The GeoSkin Series of hydromulch competes well with wood hydomulch, wood and paper blends, wood with tack, or blend with tack.

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GeoSkin® Series HECP

GeoSkin® Series HECP hydromulches are a patent-pending blend of straw and cotton plant material. The hydromulch combines a blend of additives and tackifies to ease application, enhance adhesion and retain moisture to provide soil stability, designed especially for mild to moderate slopes, 4:1 to 3:1.

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