Maritime Hydroseed Products and Services

Maritime Hydroseed specializes in Hydroseed applications, erosion prevention & control, soil and slope stabilization, revegetation, reclamation, landfill covers and dust control. In addition to the traditional products and methods, the utilization of 4th generation erosion prevention technologies are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness.


Maritime Hydroseed has several hydroseeding machines able to handle residential, commercial, highways, waterways and any industrial application.

Erosion Prevention

New Technologies can often replace traditional methods and have proven to be more effective and cost efficient.


Terra-Tubes® are the industry’s most cost-effective storm water treatment device—designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy. They are available in 2, 4 or 10 meter lengths.

Sediment Control

Maritime Hydroseed has made an investment in learning how best to resolve issues caused by storm water runoff, construction site cleanup and waterways revegetation by utilizing 4th generation sediment control products as well as traditional products such as straw mulching.

Stormwater Control

Stormwater Runoff pollutes waterways. Maritime Hydroseed is able to advise and provide solutions to meed the most demanding needs.


Revegetation applies to roadways, pipelines, forrest cover, gabions, mines and any other open space that is barren. Site specific seed mixes not only improve and beautify the landscape but act as a natural filter to retain sediment, organic material and other materials.

Dust Control

Dust Control products when mixed with wood fiber mulch or a natural cellulose and water, forms a cementitious binder that produces a crust-like barrier to control dust and wind erosion. They are applied by our hydroseeding machines in a fast and effective application.

Landfill Cover

Landfill Cover using dirt can be costly and a waste of space. Our landfill solution utilizes a sprayed on covering that reduces odor, controls leachate and erosion, minimizes animal attraction and provides an aesthetic appearance.


Maritime Hydroseed can provide the home owner or contractor with topsoil for landscaping.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting is carried out in accordance to the client's specifications, and our experienced staff ensure quality standards for each contract..