Site Prep & Topsoil

To obtain optimum growth, turf grass needs sunlight, air, water and nutrients. The main source of air, water and nutrients comes from topsoil. A topsoil layer of 6 inches in depth is required for grass to develop deep roots which make the lawn more drought resistant as well allowing for dense growth which naturally resists insects and disease.


Maritime Hydroseed provides premium grade, clean and screened topsoil via 8, 15 or 25 cubic yard truck loads. Have a look at the Site Prep.pdf for instructions on how to calculate soil amounts and prepare your site for hydroseeding.


Loams, sandy loams and loamy sands, with a pH of 6.3 to 7.3 are the very best soils for producing a beautiful, high-use, low-maintenance lawn. Unfortunately, this ideal soil mixture is seldom found on any property after construction. Maritime Hydroseed is able to offer products to make sure that the optimum pH is obtained thus ensuring proper turf growth.


The actual hydroseed mixture that is sprayed on the prepared site consists of a mulch, fertilizer, pH correction if needed, a tackifier and site specific grass seed mix. There are many seed mixes to choose from.


Premium Lawn Seed Mixes   - Lawn seed mixes containing the highest quality
(purity and germination) turf seeds available.


Roadside and Naturalization Seed Mixes  - Seed mixes containing the highest quality (purity and germination) seeds available. Selections include NB, NS and PEI DOT mixes as well as specific mixes designed to grow in wetlands and on shorelines.