What is Hydroseeding?

The hydroseeding process begins by combining grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, healthy soil amendments and tackifiers with water in the tank of a HydroSeeder machine. The mixed material is then pumped from the tank and sprayed onto the ground. The material is often referred to as slurry, much like a soupy batch of green papier-mache. Once applied to the soil, the material enhances initial growth by providing a micro-environment beneficial to seed germination and turf development.

When should you Hydroseed?
► Spring is an ideal time to hydroseed as the new lawn has a full season to grow.
► Summer hydroseeding requires more frequent watering during hot weather.
► Fall hydroseeding results in little initial growth. The grass will fill in and thicken up in the spring.
► Late season hydroseeding (dormant seeding) is acceptable until freezing. An enhanced erosion control mulch is used in order to protect the dormant seed until spring as well as preventing soil erosion until such time as grass is established.



Hydroseeding provides a quick healthy lawn. Look at the photos to see how it's done.

Highways, Waterways & Mines

In addition to beautifying the landsacpe, hydroseeding provides a valuable asset
in managing clean water.


Hydroseeding compliments new construction as well as enhancing established properties.

Site Prep and Topsoil

The right soil and proper site prep is essential to a successful Hydroseeding Project.