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Construction Industry Associates

New Brunswick Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association
Associan des constructeurs de routes at de la construction lourde du Nouveau-Brunswick

RBHCA is a non-profit organization representing contractors, support service firms, suppliers and engineers. Collectively the members are responsible for the vast majority of provincial road building and municipal infrastructure projects in New Brunswick. Chris Thomson was a Director of RBHCA from Jan 2013 to Dec 2015.

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is the voice of the national non-residential construction industry. The 20,000 member firms represent contractors across a wide variety of sectors – general contractors, trade contractors, roadbuilders, design-builders, insurance and finance companies.

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Environmental and Industry Associates

The International Erosion Control Association (IECA) is the world’s oldest and largest association devoted to helping members solve the problems caused by erosion and its byproduct—sediment.

The International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals was formed in 2004 to unify and assist the HydroSeeding industry. Over these few years, the membership of the IAHP has grown from a handful to hundreds of members worldwide that often describe the IAHP as the best business investment they have ever made. The goal of IAHP is to promote HydroSeeding, to provide a place for HydroSeeders to learn from each other and industry experts, to increase public awareness of our industry, and to help those in the HydroSeeding industry. Chris Thomson was elected as a Director in December 2012.

Chris Thomson Certificate of Recognition awarded September 2013►  IAHP Certificate of Recognition   

Canadian Land Reclamation Association - Canada's only national organization dedicated to the reclamation and rehabilitation of disturbed lands and waterways.

The Erosion Control Network is a gathering place for industry professionals from around the world to share their knowledge and interact with each other.

The Landscape New Brunswick Horticultural Trades Association (LNBHTA) is a dedicated group of horticultural professionals working together to maintain and increase the quality of all horticultural products and services. Membership in this association also includes membership with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), and all of the member privileges and benefits associated with this organization.

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) is a national federation of nine provincial green industry associations representing over 3,600 members in the landscape horticulture, retail garden centre, and nursery (primary production) sectors.

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Safety Associates

ISNetworld is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors/suppliers from capital-intensive industries. ISN collects and verifies safety, procurement, collect quality and regulatory information from approximately 25,000 contractors and suppliers. ISN has proven to be an invaluable tool to safety, quality and procurement managers around the globe.

New Brunswick Construction Safety Association Mission Statement - To be industry leaders in the creation of a positive culture shift within the construction industry that results in significant reductions in human, social and economic loss as a result of work related accidents, injuries and death.

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Business Groups

Saint John Business Club is a group of business people interested in networking and socializing in the Saint John, New Brunswick business environment.

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Certified Applicator and Installer

Maritime Hydroseed is a Manufacturer Certified Applicator/Installer and Distributor of Products made by the companies listed below. Certification is the result of specific product training and adherence to the standards of use stated by the manufacturer. Certificates of certification are on file at Maritime Hydroseed and at the manufacturer's headquarters and are available on request by contacting Maritime Hydroseed. Details on the products listed below may be found on the RESOURCES   page.

HydroStraw, LLC products to include HydroStraw Original, HydroStraw BFM and HydroStraw Guar+
Maritime Hydroseed is the exclusive Atlantic Canadian Distributor of HydroStraw Products.

Profile Products, LLC line of Erosion Control include Flexterra FRM,GreenArmor System, HydroBlanket BFM, Terra-Tubes fibre filtration tubes and a variety of Soil Management Additives.

Verdyol Plant Research to include Verdyol Biotic Earth BFM, Verdyol Biotic Earth Black and Verdyol Biotic Earth HGM.
Maritime Hydroseed is the exclusive Atlantic Canadian Distributor of Verdyol Biotic Earth.

North American Green Products to include HydraCX2 FRM, HydraCM BFM, GeoSkin and GeoSkin XT hydromulches, Vmax3 Composite TRM, and SedimentSTOP fibre filtration tubes.

Dandy Products to include Dandy Bag, Dandy Curb Bag, Dandy Curb, Dandy Curb Sac, Dandy Pop, Dandy Skimmer and Dandy Dewatering Bag. Maritime Hydroseed is the exclusive Atlantic Canadian distributor of Dandy Products.

Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. to include APS 700 Series Floc Logs specifically tailored log-blocks that contains blends of water treatment components and polyacrylamide co-polymer for water clarification and erosion control. 
Maritime Hydroseed is the exclusive Atlantic Canadian Distributor of Applied Polymer Systems Floc Logs.

Mat, Inc to include Flex Guard FRM and SoilGuard BFM.

TrapBag Flood Barriers are designed to be rapidly deployable flood barriers that can be installed on any surface with minimal labor and equipment. Their extended footprint improves stability and creates a sloped face that allows the weight of the water to further improve the safety factor. Maritime Hydroseed is the exclusive Atlantic Canadian Distributor of Trap Bag Barriers..

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