Decorative Mulch


Maritime Hydroseed manufactures top quality wood, bark and mulch products. We offer the home owner, garden center or landscape contractor a wide variety of colour and texture. Mulch is available in natural, red, brown or black colors with other colors available on request. We’ll help you estimate your approximate needs and then deliver any quantity of 1 to 15 cubic yards per load to your home or project site (trucking charges may apply). Custom blends and colours are also available upon request. Installation of mulch and topsoil is also available.

A good thick layer of mulch (no more than 3-4 inches) inhibits weeds in two important ways. Mulch eliminates light that weeds need to grow as well as preventing airborne seeds from coming in contact with bare earth.

Useful Calculations:
- 1 cubic yard of mulch 3 inches deep covers 12 sq.yds. or 108 sq.ft
- 15 cubic yards of mulch 3 inches deep covers 180 sq.yds or 1600 sq.ft.





A large Tub Grinder allows the manufacturer of decorative wood fibre mulch in varying quantities and colors. By stockpiling locally we can provide Just-in-Time deliveries allowing Garden Centers & Landscapers to provide a greater range of products.